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You can certainly use your cellphone to record your memories, but at least one, or possibly all of the following will happen....

  • No matter how much you prepare, you're sure to leave something out - and editing on a cellphone is NOT easy.

  • It is easy to make a mistake, and then again, you have to edit.

  • You may have old recordings that you wish to incorporate.

  • You may want to record some music of your own as memories - even simple guitar strums.

  • You may wish to record a group of your family together.

  • All in all, a cellphone is not an ideal means of recording memories that you wish to pass down as a legacy for your future descendants.

What we offer is a means of recording and editing your memories, incorporating historic recordings you may have.  Think of old recordings you may have which were made on cassette or even old tape reels, which will most certainly contain unwanted noises.

We use special software to eliminate noises and interference which may be present in these old recordings, and have the experience and tools to identify and remove this interference. 

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