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Seniors are a special group. This is because they are in their latter years, are the very ones whose memories we wish to preserve. Apart from recording memories of your loved ones from previous generations, a wonderful way of preserving their memories is to interview them yourselves and                                   encourage them to talk about themselves whilst you record them. It could be done on                             your cellphone, but better still, in my studio, where I can make a more professional                                   production. It could even be done on my portable recording equipment which will                                      provide a much better recording than a cellphone.

                               If you contact me, I will be able to advise you on the best way of going about this.                                    But here are some suggestions to encourage folks to talk about their memories.

Cheerful Seniors

(In process of preparation)

Click  for a typical interview

  • Start by asking them what they remember about their early years - about when  and where they were born, and things that stood out in their memory of those early years

  • What do they remember about their parents? What was their relationship? Did  they share things together?

  • Their early education. Where did they go to school? Who were their friends?

  • What were their interests? Were their any special interests that stood out and  shaped their lives?

  • What hobbies did they have? What sports did they play?

  • Their later education. What influenced their choice of career?

  • What do they remember about their early professional careers - their jobs?

  • What do they remember about their first dates? How did they meet their spouses?

  • What special incidents stood out in their senior years? How do they view life from this perspective?

  • Would they have done things differently if they had it all over again?

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