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My service is directed directly towards private individuals.

Being a home-based operation, I am able to offer this service at a much-reduced rate compared with commercial recording studios.

In order to estimate the cost of my service, the following points have to be taken into consideration: 

The three stages of producing a recording.

  1. Planning and setting up for producing a final recording.

  2. The actual recording process (preferably in my studio, but I have portable recording equipment if this is not possible).

  3. Mixing and Mastering the final production, which involves      adding suitable music introductions, background music, and effects to bring the basic recording to life

Accordingly, the nature of the production in view of client requirements has to be evaluated. It could be a simple message as a birthday present to a loved one with a simple musical backing, which could take 2 hours to record and produce, or it could be an album of songs with a full backing mix, which could take 2 or 3 days to complete.

Please contact me at (604) 264-9026 in order to discuss your requirements further and get a quote or fill out the contact page on the home page.


Stan Shear


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