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How do we work?

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How do we do it? - the process of recording a track involves the three phases of Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

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Live Recording


DJ Mixing B&W

Create and capture your performance at my home studio. My studio is equipped with the technology to make a super recording which will bring joy to your listeners and show off what you can do.  Contact me to discuss your requirements further and to set up a recording session. 

After recording your performance, the mixing process will combine the various inputs and accompaniments with suitable backings and effects, to provide the right backing to your performance.

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Cutting a Record

Mastering is the essence of making a final production. Here I will bring your recording to the highest level with the resources and experience that I have, to create a unique, sound that will bring out all the hidden qualities of your talents, and make them truly come alive.

I'd like to invite you to visit my studio. Phone me at
(604) 264 9026 any day except Saturday or fill out  the contact form on the
home page to arrange an appointment.

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