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Take a step forward into your world of memories. Contact us today. Phone Stan at (604) 264-9026

My Story

I was born and grew up in South Africa. Prior to moving to Vancouver we lived in beautiful Cape Town, where I taught Information Systems at the University of Cape Town.  I studied music and singing from an early age, graduating with a Licentiate in Music and have performed in many recitals and concerts.  I have appeared on television, both in South Africa and Israel, where I participated in the International Puppet Festival in 1995.

In 2009 I was the winner of the Vancouver heat of the Senior Star competition.

You can hear some of my favorite songs that I have written on the “My Compositions” page of this website.

I decided to do something for the benefit of others in my home studio, where my experience and knowledge can be put to good effect for folks who also love music but don’t have the facilities to express and preserve their talents.

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